Aoyama Gakuin University

President: Maiko

Year Founded: 2020


Our Mission

Our mission is to create a safe environment for students to raise their voices. By creating oppotunities to learn, discuss and reflect about gender issues we hope students will have deeper understanding as well as interests in those issues. Moreover, we would like to establish a community where LGBTQIA+ students would be able to come together and interact.

Our Vision

Our vision is that through our activism students will be able to go to school in confidence. We aim to create a campus where each individual can express themselves in a unique way, regardless of their race, gender, or beliefs.

Member Testimonials

Maiko (President/Founder)

I hope that the establishment of Voice Up Japan AGU branch would lead to a bright future for the students. By creating a platform where people would be able to come together to raise their voice and fight for their belief, there would be more diversity and equality than ever. I would like to be the pioneer to accomplish it.

Masaki (Vice President)

I will work hard as a member of Voice Up Japan AGU branch to make a campus where every student can feel comfortable to express themselves freely. I want to do not only sharing information but also learning things from other people. Therefore, I will always try to be open for any ideas.

Moe (Research)

“I hope to be able to help build a diverse and gender equal society through Voice Up Japan.

Daichi (Accounting)

Thinking back, I’ve never had the chance to sit down and think about the gender issues we have today, when I have met so many LGBTQ+ people. Back in Canada, where I spent my elementary school days, it was nothing special which made me realise that Japan needs to be the same too. I thought it would be great to be a part of making the Japanese society LGBTQ+ friendly.”

Haru (SNS/Event)

Growing up, I’ve always struggled in expressing my true self. I believe it’s important that there’s an environment where everyone can be their true selves without having to hide it. I look forward in contributing to create this environment where expressing oneself isn’t thought to be weird or a bad thing.”

Naomi (SNS/Event)

My goal is to approach those issues on gender, sexuality and racism. Let’s bring the change!!”