Chuo University

Co-President: Tomoka Onozeki

Co-President: Mina Aoki

Year Founded: 2021


Our Mission

By addressing issues and providing information to the students and faculty, we provide an environment where others can accept diversity, feel that they belong to a community, and achieve a sense of involvement.

Our Vision

We aim to create a society where everyone can achieve self-fulfillment by accepting and acknowledging diversity.


Member Testimonials

Mina Aoki

I want to change Japanese society to be a more equal and diverse society, in which I can live as I want to be. However, I have only a small influence on a society, so I would love to work with other members to change the society.

Tomoka Onozeki

Through my existence and the voices of organizations, I do want to raise my voice to offer ‘The voices of minorities that tend to disappear in Japanese society’. I want to notice that we exist in this Japanese society.

Rina Murata

I want to take actions that only an organization can take in order to create a society where everyone can live happily. It will also bring change to a Japanese society which is difficult to raise our voice.”

Mai Nanba

I want to change the ‘normal’ of society so that everyone can feel safe and comfortable.

Sota Ikarashi

“To achieve “The world every one can live as themselves”, I want to help people who have difficulties in living.

Woo Hyemin

As a person who grew up in a different environment, I am stimulated by various opinions and create new thoughts. And to share such stimulation with as many people as possible.

Chinano Tuchiya

I want to change a society where some people give up on what they want to do because of their gender. We decide our own career, and society supports each individual’s identity. That is the kind of society I want to create.

Ayano Horii

I would like to continue to raise my voice with the goal of creating a society that is free and easy for everyone to live in, and I would like to be there for those who are dissatisfied with society and find it hard to live.

Daito Sato

I would like to offer information about unconscious sexism and gender stereotypes, and to engage in activities that will help people to cope with the “difficulty of living” that they have in their hearts.

Ururu Suzuki

I would like to provide multiple perspectives to those struggling in this society. I will achieve our mission by offering information and taking actions.

Himika Koda

I need to clarify why there are people who have difficulties in living, and I want to broaden people’s perspectives by offering information from various angles.

Erina Tsuji

I am sure that one of the reasons why diversity isn’t recognized is that people do not know there are diverse people. I want to give information from their perspectives.

Ryugo Fukushiro

We will offer information so that people will recognize ‘the acceptance of diversity‘ is very important.

Nonoka Koizumi

In my life, I have experienced the fact that ‘ignorance’ is a weapon. That’s why I’m working to educate as many people as possible about gender and sexual minorities to reduce the number of people who get hurt.

Nao Mitsumaki

I want to make an opportunity for us to realize the difference and to tell the importance of respecting each other’s differences. I aim to achieve a society in which we can live life our own way.

Aki Endo

I want to be able to say with confidence that what I think is wrong on social issues is wrong! I also want to show that everyone can raise their voices through my activities. I aim to create a society where everyone can live with confidence in their own way of life.