Dokkyo University

President: Sakura Tsuda

Vice President Name: Ayaka Tomita

Year Founded: 2021

Voice Up Japan Dokkyo Logo

Our Mission

We are striving to fill the gaps in grade school curriculum about social issues for Dokkyo University Students and also aspire to make a community where we can share our thoughts and opinions about the “hidden problems” of everyday life.

Our Vision

Our organization aims for respectful relationships between people with all backgrounds including gender, nationality, race, religion and social class!

We work together in order to make a community where everyone can voice up about social issues!

Member Testimonials

Sakura (Student President)

“In order to realize gender-equal society, it is essential to expand comprehensive sexuality education. I hope to create a community where the student generation, who will be responsible for the future, can gain knowledge, think and act on their own.”

Ayaka (Student Vice President, Schedule manager, Event manager)

I think it is necessary for us to create a society in which we can easily live. For that, we want to share information about social issues, think together, and voice up!

Moe (Translator)

“For the future where everyone can talk about social issues openly, I will take this opportunity in Voice Up Japan to learn and think together! “

Shiori (Translator)

“Living in a society that gets more and more diverse day by day, it also can be said that there will be various issues. We will think what the cause is and raise our voice people so that we can lead to a better society.”

Kanon (Translator)

“To the realization of a society where everyone can be their own, I want to contribute. In addition to sharing knowledge, I would like to approach various social issues, especially gender issues, from various perspectives by considering issues from academic ones and exchanging opinions with others.”

Momoka (Translator, Event manager)

“In order to make a society where it is easy to discuss about social issues and taboos in society, I would like to raise awareness through using social medias and holding events so that we all could share information and thoughts about social issues.”