IWATE University

Co-President: Ayu

Co-President: Ayaka 

Year Founded: 2021

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Our Mission

To create opportunity to talk about “gender” without any worries in IWATE where “gender” is terribly regarded as a taboo.

Our Vision

We act to realize equality of gender, human rights, and more. We aim to make society better with you, not to create conflict.

Member Testimonials

AYU (Co-President)

I think a society in which everyone can choose one they like and make your life wonderful because you can treat yourself as an important matter. Japanese society lays rails about the way you live just on the grounds that you are “male” or “female”. No matter what choice you choose, our society must guarantee your right and support. In order to raise my opinion, I created the IWATE branch. I would like as many people as possible to have more choice through our actions in IWATE.

AYAKA (Co-President)

“I aim to realize “Everyone’s Different, Everyone’s Great”. I hope everyone can live life your own way and understand each other. I want to increase the number of people who are interested in gender from the state of not knowing. I will continue to action in IWATE and want to think about gender together.”


“I aim to create a society where everyone’s identity is not denied, and where people can understand that everyone has their own shape and color. I would also like to create opportunities for understanding, keep up with new information, and exchange opinions with everyone.”