Keio University

President: MinJoo Kim

Faculty Advisor: Prof. Hisayo Ogushi

Year Founded: 2020


Our Mission

  • Listen to students’ voices and concerns, and connect students and the university.
  • Provide a platform where students will be able to contemplate and learn about social issues and preventing harassment by holding lectures and events.
  • Collaborate/cooperate with organizations both inside and outside of Keio to address a variety of issues.
  • As a branch of VUJ, think about ways to better the University and propose it to Keio.

Our Vision

To recognize social issues and be aware of the fact that words and actions can hurt others. We also aim to create a campus environment/culture where everyone feels respected and is able to speak out without worrying about power dynamics.

Member Testimonials


Knowing that there are people who share the same vision and outlook on this world with you is so much more empowering than you think, and working alongside them is even more eye-opening. Joining VUJ and being surrounded by such a bold, supportive group of people in VUJ Keio, I feel more empowered to be myself and use my voice for things that are close to my heart.


I am blessed to be a part of Voice Up Japan Keio, which has given me the opportunities to not only rethink about the various social injustices around our society and our campus but also to meet with people who hold the same vision: making a more friendly, gender-equal campus for every individual at Keio.


Voice Up Japan Keio can change the campus culture of Keio into a more inclusive one. Personally, I am especially interested and concerned in the way female students are treated and objectified at Keio, and hope to achieve a change through VUJ Keio.


Here at the same university, I have found friends and allies that act together. I find myself quite happy that through our actions we can slowly change the world around us. I will continue to work to build an environment where each and every voice, no matter how small, is valued.


This organization gave me the opportunity to speak up, as I had been aware of social issues but was afraid to do so alone.It is very encouraging to be able to work together with others who share the same awareness in social issues. In the course of our activities, I have had more and more opportunities to see the changes in the people around me, and I have realized once again the importance of “speaking up” regardless of the size of the voice. I feel that I’m in a blessed environment where we can share our feelings of discomfort, interests, and knowledge about society with each other. I would like to continue working to create an environment where it is easy to voice up.


Having many discussions with people who all have the same vision, I have become a person who can actively say opinions and share interesting topics to talk about. I want to create an environment where each and everyone at Keio feels comfortable and spread the importance of raising their voices when needed.


For many years I have been interested in the theories of social justice, but I have never really participated in any activism. I feel really happy and proud that I am surrounded by such motivated and intelligent people here on Keio’s campus and across the country.


It is reassuring to have friends who share the same vision as me and take actions together to make our campus and our society better for all the students regardless of gender and nationality. I am looking forward to changing the environment to where everyone can share what they think is right or wrong and voice up for equality.


VUJ Keio is a source of strong support for me, because it is where I feel safe enough to voice my opinions. We are working towards creating an environment in which all students are recognitive of issues with much relevance to their lives and can share a sense of discomfort regarding those problems with one another.


For me, Voice Up Japan Keio is a place where I can freely speak my mind with my fellow members. While we all share a similar awareness of social issues, we also bring our own unique perspectives and opinions together. I feel lucky to be a part of a collective who diligently works to try and solve these social issues. I hope that I can lead a life where I encourage others to confidently and courageously express their opinions on all sorts of issues.