Nagasaki University of Foreign Studies

President: Moeka Miyata

Vice President: Kenji Nitta

Year Founded: 2021


Our Mission

Not only to enhance awareness of gender issues but also to motivate knowledge-based acts for LGBTQ+.

Our Vision

To start with laying the foundation for gender equality within schools, and eventually, we aim to create a society where all genders can feel comfortable to live and respect each other.

Member Testimonials

Moeka Miyata

I would like to create a society where everyone can live with being themselves by accepting our weaknesses and the people around us. I hope that our activity in the NUFS branch leads to a great opportunity for students and professors in our university in order to think of awareness of issues as personal problems. We think together, share our opinion, and we will stand up together while involving the university.”

Kenji Nitta

Social issues are the “issues that exist in our lives” for each of us. Some may believe it is an “irrelevant issue” because they have no impact directly. However, even if you are not in trouble right now, someone next to you may be in trouble. That is a social issue. As a generation of young people who will form the society of the future, I will work through Voice Up Japan so that we can contribute as much as possible to approach a tolerant society where people can live comfortably and freely.”

Mina Kinoshita

I aim to creat a society where we all can be confident in who we are. Being aware of our actions and taking a big step toward achieving, we provide the opportunity for as many people as possible to face problems, and lead to their motivation to take action with unwavering belief after doing some self-searching to find what we can do.”

Konatsu Mine

I would like to creat a beautiful society like a gradation of color. I will work on some projects that help everyone realize that the world is getting better little by little.”