Saitama University

President: Kanon Nishiyama

Vice-President: Mariko

Year Founded: 2021

VUJ Saitama Logo

Our Mission

To end discrimination about something that people can’t change by their efforts, such as genders.

We also want to raise everyone’s interest in the betterment of our society.

Our Vision

We aim to achieve a society that mutually acknowledges “everyone is different, everyone is special”. To realize this, we inform you of events and posts that will create interests and new perspectives.
And then, we will grow as a platform that students of Saitama University can voice up.

Member Testimonials

Kanon Nishiyama (President)

“What I want to do at VUJ: To change society, we need to change the familiar society. We aim to create a society that everyone can voice up by launching the Saitama University branch and providing the platform where students who couldn’t voice up until now.”

“What I am interested in: I’m interested in various social issues because I want to listen to the voices that are supposed to be missing. I would like to raise my voice about the problems that arise because a specific person is discriminated against or despised.”

Mariko (Vice-President)

“What I want to do at VUJ: I want to take action in many ways for realizing the society ‘not imposing and being imposed value’. So, I started to be brave to voice up for the first step.”

“What I am interested in: Regarding education, I’m interested in parental education or sexual education in a school. Also, I’m interested in way of life and thought as well as sexuality.”

Naruse Tanimoto (Accountant / Translation Leader)

“What I want to do at VUJ: Inequality and disparity in society are difficult to see and treated as ‘not existing’. Someone needs to voice up to not be regarded as ‘not existing’. I want to create a community where people claim these social issues through VUJ.”

“What I am interested in: I have an interest in gender, especially masculinities. I’m studying why men strongly stick to ‘masculinities’ and ‘masculine society’ for creating a male-dominated society. I aim to create a better society for all genders. “

Yuka (Design Leader)

“What I want to do at VUJ: I launched the Saitama Uni branch because I want to empower the people who have felt uncomfortable about society but who haven’t voiced up like me. The goal at my branch is to be a platform where we can think about various social issues and “voice up” together. I want everyone to consider various social issues, and use our our platform as the place that voices up together.”

“What I am interested in: I’m interested in gender issues at school. I want to achieve a society that mutually acknowledged “everyone is different, everyone is special” from the sight of education.”

Kurumi (SNS Leader)

What I want to do at VUJ: I want to post the information that gives a new perspective for achieving a society ‘everyone is different, everyone is special’. And I will give voice to the voiceless.”

“What I am interested in: I’m interested in relationships for instans family, care, acknowledgement and so on. I’m studying philosophy for combining theories. I will work VUJ with seeking the society ‘everyone is different, everyone is special’.”