Tsuda University

Co-President: Hikari Yamaguchi

Co-President: Miki Yamaguchi

Year Founded: 2021


Our Mission

We will be an “Ume” for you. May spring come to “all people.”

Voice Up Japan Tsuda University will continue to voice up as an “Ume”, a symbol of spring, to create a world where each individual can blossom in their own way.

Our Vision

To create a society where you can be content with yourself just the way you are.

Member Testimonials

Hikari Yamaguchi (Co-President)

I would like to help others realize, face, and be considerate of the difficulties in their lives.

Narumi Tsutsumi (Accountant)

I’m interested in social issues and contributing to make a world where everyone can live freely.

Yuki Maeda (Accountant)

From small changes to social change. I’m working to spread awareness of social issues.

Nao Yoshiike (Public Relations)

Since I have been ignorant of gender issues,  I would like to disseminate information mainly through Instagram so that people like me will be interested in recent issues and problems.