Waseda University

Co-President: Yuka Nakama

Co-President: Lissa Yamada Hiruta

Year Founded: 2020


Our Mission

We will address gender inequality within our campus by creating opportunities to realize internalized sexism and by serving as a platform to amplify the voices of those who need to be heard. We will also directly appeal to the school to implement concrete, administrative change such as the creation of a mandatory alcohol education freshman course in order to minimize the risk of problematic behavior and also reach those who are not interested in feminism.

Our Vision

Through our activism, we hope to redefine campus culture into one that is inclusive and safe for everyone. We also aim to normalize the knowledge of essential concepts such as sexual consent across the entire student body.

Member Testimonials


As a menber of Waseda branch, I got more opportunities to talk and educate myself about issues that I did not know well. Through VUJ activities,I will spread the importance of speaking up towards gender inequality in our campus to everyone.


“The most attractive point is that membes can share thier opinions freely regardless of the topics which Japanese tend to think as a taboo subject. Moreover, VUJ brings the opportunity, which enables us to rethink the anxiety and doubts on the current Japanese society towards gender issues.


VUJ Waseda has allowed me to be a part of a diverse, tightknit community of passionate people who share a common vision and goal: tackling sexism and gender inequality, especially starting from within our campus. A specific issue I’d like to address through our activities is toxic campus culture such as the normalization of “omochikaeri” (taking intoxicated people ‘home’).


VUJ Waseda has given me a platform to think, ask questions, and act. It has also given me a community of passionate and devoted peers who all envision a widely accepting, diverse, and bright world, starting with our own college campus. I hope to help create an environment in which everyone feels seen and heard.


As a member of Waseda branch, I got to find the place where I was convinced that it’s not wrong to have doubts on the current gender inequality tha I have seen alot in university life. I also think that this is the wonderful environment that I can share opinions.


Meanwhile the importance of equality had begun to spread in the Japanese nation, I began pondering what true equality is and what I as an individual can contribute to achieve it. As a member of the Waseda branch, I am proud to actively speak up and actually involve myself for change. Furthermore, I want to contribute to a society where especially younger people can frankly bring up and talk about topics regarding gender equality.


I am very glad that there is an environment within the university where I can discuss issues that I am interested in with members on a daily basis and approach what is necessary one by one in order to make the society equal in the true sense. I would like to carry out activities that the issues of discrimination and prejudice can be taken as important matter for all people living in this society.


VUJ Waseda has provided me a well-protected environment to freely discuss and question important social issues, particularly ones pertaining gender inequality with my fellow compassionate and advocated members. It is my honor to be part of the movement that seeks pragmatic changes in our society, and that being said, I hope to encourage people to amplify their voices of protest through our future VUJ Waseda activisms.


I wanted to take actual action for gender equality, which is why I joined VUJ Waseda. Together with the wonderful members, I will continue to speak out and work harder and harder to increase the number of people who speak out on gender issues.


“I’d like to raise my voice with members of VUJ Waseda so that everyone can live their lives as who they are on campus and in society.


“VUJ Waseda has given me a place to raise my voice about issues I feel are important within Japanese society, as well as further my knowledge about subjects I had not previously known about. Being able to exchange ideas with such a passionate and kind community is a precious opportunity that I’m so grateful to have.


“As a member of VUJ, my desire to eliminate the difficulty of living due to gender inequality, even if only a little, has not changed since I joined. There are still a lot of frustrating things happening in Japan, but I want to expand the environment where people can stand up and speak out from this campus!


“Joining VUJ introduced me to passionate, motivated, and wonderful people, taking the initiative to act upon a social issue. As a member of this unstoppable movement, I am committed to learning about the issues and taking a step towards a better future. With this team, I will connect grassroots activities to a more significant change for the better.


I wanted to make a change in gender inequality issues starting from my university and VUJ Waseda is a safe place where I can openly talk about social issues that I want to tackle in the future. Although there are numerous gender problems that persist in Japan, I hope to contribute and make small changes by being outspoken and raising more awareness about these issues.”